Large quantities at short notice

MKT uses the calendering method to produce wide jumbo rolls up to 1350 mm. These can be slitted precisely and with millimeter accuracy according to therequirements of our customers. Even a flexible combination of different widths is possible. No changes of implements, tools or the extruder are necessary.

With this unique and efficient production process, MKT is able to produce large quantities of ALPHA-TAPE® edge banding within a short time without showing any differences in color, embossing or gloss grade within the same decor.



Expressive decors and colors
using gravure printing

Metamerism free color series
eliminated metamerism problems when switching from simulated daylight (D65) to simulated office light

Widths from 12 to 405mm

in the big-line process up to 1350mm

Thicknesses from 0.4 to 3.2mm

Constantly high quality level

For the production of ALPHA-TAPE®, MKT uses specially tested and certified plastics of high quality only and produces on modern extrusion lines. In addition, during and after production the edge banding material is subjected to further demanding tests in accordance with the guidelines of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Material properties, printing and colors of our edge banding are regularly checked at various test stations. The test data determined in this way are recorded electronically and forwarded to our quality control department for further evaluation. Generally, MKT relies on a consistently high level of quality to ensure optimal processing of ALPHA-TAPE®.