With more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of thermoplastic edge banding, we are a partner to the furniture industry with in-depth expertise. That is our mission. In order to hold and strengthen our position, the following principles apply to us:

We deliver quality to our customers, constantly and reliably, just as the customer wants it.

We understand customer expectations and try to meet them.

Our feeling of togetherness is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and tolerance. We respect other manners and customs. We promote equal opportunities and oppose any kind of discrimination.

Every employee contributes to our success. In this context the management ranks first.

In order to burden the environment as little as possible, our actions are characterized by the responsible use of resources of all kinds.

We are committed to continuously improving energy-related performance and the EnM system, as well as meeting applicable legal and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption. Therefore, we define efficiency criteria in the procurement of energy, systems, facilities, equipment and energy and communicate these to our suppliers. Every employee is actively involved in the implementation of our energy policy.

In order to ensure process reliability and consistent quality for our customers, we carefully select our raw materials and suppliers. They are our partners who work with us to find the best solution.

The trust of our customers and the economic success are the result of the consistent implementation of these principles.