• 2021

    30 years of "Manufacturing, Knowhow, Technology"

    MKT looks back on 30 years of company history


  • 2019

    Newly formed joint venture

    together with long-time partner SSI North America (Surface Source International - leading North American distributor of high-quality decorative surfaces)

    MKT North America, LLC

  • 2017

    Expansion of plant 2 with a new hall

    3,600m² additional production area, €5 million investment

    (Laboratory, warehouse, maintenance department, new administration rooms)

  • 2016

    Great company anniversary 25 years of MKT

    On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, we had a big celebration with all MKT employees in Ohrdruf.

  • 2015

    Takeover of the ABS edging business from Corbetta F.I.A. srl. Carugo (Italy)
    as part of an asset deal takeover of their sales network in Italy

  • 2015

    Second generation becoming management

    On April 1st 2015 the descendants of the former shareholders Mathias Eschbach and Antonius Kroner assume control of leading functions. Together with Sven Kirchner (Commercial General Manager since 2012) they are forming the new general management. From now on Elke Gornik (daughter of Mathias Esch­bach) will be the General Manager of Technology and Production and Tim Kroner (Son of Antonius Kroner) will be the General Manager of Technology, Research and Development.

  • 2014

    "An era comes to an end"
    At the turn of 2013/2014, Antonius Kroner is retiring after more than 20 years of being a managing partner. "An era is coming to an end" and the transition to a younger generation of MKT- management is complete.

  • 2012

    Farewell and change of managing directors
    After more than 20 years, Mathias Eschbach ends his management position at MKT and bids farewell into deserved retirement. Sven Kirchner and Thomas Streichardt are newly appointed to the general management.

  • 2012

    Foundation of a MKT representative office

    in Guérande, Frankreich

    MKT France S.A.S.

  • 2008

    Relocation of PRINTEC GmbH

    to a new production site in Ernstroda, Thuringia

  • 2008

    Completion of fire renovation plant 1

    The fire restoration of the high-bay warehouse can finally be completed in spring 2008.

  • 2007

    Major fire at MKT

    On the night of Friday, November 2 in 2007 the newly built warehouse at MKT's main location (Plant 1) was completely destroyed by a serious fire. Around 40 tons of plastic granulate and finished goods with a value of between € 2 and 2.5 million went up in flames. Fortunately, nobody was injuried. The continuation of production took place immediatly, as did the construction work for the renovation.

  • 2007

    Start of construction and set up of the new MKT plant 2

    in the same industrial area "Ohrdruf-Herrenhof-Hohenkirchen", in close proximity to the main plant 1

    65,000 m² area, 11,000 m² production area, € 25 million investment volume

    New inline and offline printing lines, numerous new extrusion and cutting lines, administration rooms

  • 2006

    Completion of expansion and modernization of plant 1

  • 2006

    3rd extension of the main plant 1

    by adding a new high-bay warehouse

    hall space: about 1700m²

  • 2005

    Takeover of PRINTEC GmbH

    Development and production of printing inks, lacquers and pigment pastes

    (founded in 2000 in Erolzheim, Baden-Württemberg)

  • 2003

    2nd extension of the main plant 1

    By building a new hall in 2003, the previous production area is extending to the double. Numerous investments in new production lines and equipment followed.

  • 1999

    Start of expansion and modernization (Plant 1)

    by adding a new hall for general maintenance work. The final completion of the hall took place in May 2000. The construction was necessary in order to create the spatial conditions for the further increase in capacity. Furthermore, a modernization of the outer facade and the creation of an employee and customer parking lot started.

  • 1998

    New managing partner

    With May 4th, 1998, Jakob Eschbach (previous co-founder and majority shareholder of MKT) sold his company share to Antonius Kroner, who has already been working for MKT as sales manager since January 1, 1992.

  • 1998

    Acquisition of the factory site plant 1

    On February 18, 1998, MKT acquired the business property that had previously been leased.

    Meaning in numbers: 17,855m² area, 13,000m² thereof production area (initially built on: approx. 2,400m²)

    40 million investment volume

  • 1993

    Completion of the 1st production building

    In the business years 1991 to 1993, the first production building was erected and completed on the land that had previously been leased.

  • 1992

    Start of production in plant 1

    At the beginning of 1992, MKT started production by partially commissioning the production building, which was still under construction. The main subject of MKT's business activity relates to the production and sale of plastic profiles. The used production process is essentially due to the technical development work of Mathias Eschbach.

  • 1991

    Foundation of MKT by the brothers Jakob and Mathias Eschbach

    with main plant and headquarters (plant 1) in the Thuringian town of Ohrdruf on the site of the former Ohrdrufer Seilwerke GmbH, in the newly opened industrial area.

    Date of foundation: May 23, 1991

    June 1st, 1991: Start of business operations with preparatory work for the later start of production

    October 23, 1991 Entry in the commercial register under: HRB 102943